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July 25, 2009

Cute Batik Tutu from Daradara

Daradara is a fashion store for 2 - 10 years old girls, they use batik as their main material and mixed with jeans, corduroy and others materials. I first see their collection was when they add me as contact on facebook. I instantly feel in love with their cute batik tutu..I thought my daughter would be so cute in it.. but sadly the smallest size is for a two year old...and my daughter is still a 1 year old... I wish they make them smaller, but hey I'm still aiming for the batik tutu  anyway..I might buy it, and keep it till may daughter is two :0)...

They have more style for the older girls collections.. and if an adult size is required they will be glad to customize one...so that you can play matchy-match with your daughter, mother, sister or friends..

you can see their collection on their facebook account : http://www.facebook.com/daradara.bajuku

pic courtesy of daradara

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