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August 23, 2011

Mad about Batik Bags

Kanaya Ozora's Collection
Kunthi Batik Bag's Collection
Ziba Label's Collection

There are surely a batik bag frenzy going on around. At first it did not really effect me, but lately more choices have been popping up in my Facebook timeline that catches my interest. So here I am slowly but surely starting to fall in love with batik bags.. here are some of the many batik bags seller on Facebook that have the collection that I like best...

- Ziba Label
- Kunthi Batik Bags
- Kanaya Ozora (K-2)

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August 21, 2011

A Cup of Heaven - Prendjak Tea

prendjak tea

This is the first time that I write about something edible...It is made in Indonesia and  it taste really good, that I just have to share it.

I am a tea person, I have tried all kinds of coffee from all kinds of places but still can never enjoy it. The best tea that I have ever drink is a black tea from Africa ( forgot the exact name). Until I taste a cup of this heavenly tea, it is so good that it inspire me to write again after being absent for almost a year.

My dear husband bring two boxes of these Prendjak Tea from a business trip in Batam, someone gave it as a gift. They have been sitting in my cupboard for quiet sometime, nobody even consider to try it out. To be honest, the name and the packaging certainly did not compel us to give it a try.. (sorry just being honest ). But yesterday, just before break fasting time, we were suddenly out our usual tea. So then we opened this Prendjak tea expecting an ordinary cup of tea. It turns out we were so wrong, the tea smell really good and it taste even better. The tea is so smooth on the mouth, no bitter taste and  it has a unique flavor, a hint of vanilla and a flowery sweet smell. I looked up the ingredients, it is a mix of black tea and rose flavor. Prendjak tea is proudly produce by PT. Panca Rasa Pratama in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia.

When I share my finding on Facebook, it turns out that some of my friends already knows about this tea. Some said that the green tea Prendjak  is also really good but it is a little bit hard to find. Almost all of my friend who've tried Prendjak Tea got it as a gift  from places outside of Jakarta such as Pontianak, Pekanbaru and also Batam.

A tip from a friend:  in Jakarta you can find Prendjak tea in Superindo Supermarket, an it cost 3,600 rupiah/box.

I am so happy with my findings it is so good, so cheap and it is available here in Indonesia...

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October 21, 2010

Handmade Labor of Love from Tulisan

Yesterday, a work meeting brings me to Dharmawangsa Square. It's been a while since I've been there. While waiting for the others to arrive, I have time to browse the stalls there, while most people sells batik clothing or Moslem's wear, I found this little stall that sells printed handbags and stationary with a refreshing and beautiful design. I asked the seller if these are all made in Indonesia, and she said 'Yes'. WOW, how proud I am to hear it, since these kind of designs pattern, I only usually find on imported items such as  products sold on Etsy or Anthropology. But since I don't have time to chit-chat and browse some more I asked them if they have a website, and they gave me their name card and I found out that they go by the brand name : TULISAN

So this morning, still excited from my finding yesterday, I open their website and find many beautiful things and learn some more on their works and get really really impressed on how Melissa Sunjaya's creative process in making her patterns and designs with so much love and dedication. No wonder her works really catch the eye.

Here are some of the products that i really love (and must have):

These are just lovely, these are a set of Praying Mat, it includes a matching mat (sajadah), mukenah and bags..

(hmmm maybe this lovely set could make me pray more...)

This tote is also a must have, This would make a lovely laptop bag!


For more of these lovely items you can find them at their temporary showcase @ Dharmawangsa Square City Walk from 12 October – 31 October 2010 (10.00 am – 20.00 pm) or on their:

facebook fan page: Tulisan
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pics. courtesy of Tulisan

February 01, 2010

Winner of The Dreamesh Living Giveaway


The Winner of The Dreamesh Living Giveaway are:

- Fiona Leow

- Miktha Sirlaela

- Nathalia Gunawan

Please email me your address so we can send the Gift right away...


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January 30, 2010

Wonderfully Woven Bags from Chameo Couture


I'm sorry I put this off for so long...They have answer my email interview since January 5th, sorry my bad.. but since then their collection obviously grew with an addition of more wonderfully woven handbags... Chameo Couture was established in 2007 by a team of Husband and Wife, Lim Masulin and Yuliana Lim. The name CHAMEO is derived from chameleon. Chameleon survives by its ability to blend in with the surrounding. They hope the characteristic of a chameleon also goes with their handbags, they want their handbags to be relevant to the users and their surrounding.

Here are my interviews with them:...

read more

January 13, 2010

Win a Topit Pillow from Dreamesh Living

Dreamesh Living is having a giveaway for Made in Indonesia readers.. they are giving this lovely round batik pillow to a Lucky winner....

To have a chance in winning you have to:

- Follow this blog (http://madeinindonesia.onsugar.com) as well as Amesh's Blog (http://dreamesh.blogspot.com/),

- Then you will have to email us at KarinaPalle(at)gmail.com and tell us your favorite Dreamesh Living Product (you can see Dreamesh Living products here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/meshye/ ).

- In your email Don't forget to give us the name you  use to follow our blog and also your mobile number (just in case you win, so we can contact you..)

* This giveaway is eligiable to Indonesian residents only.. (sorry..)

Submit your entry BEFORE Sunday 31st January 2010...

Okeeeyy Dokeyy... hurry up, you might be the lucky one!

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January 05, 2010

Get Organize with IZZYBAG

If you are the kind of person who often lost thing in your own handbag (like me..) you should get one of these... it keeps your handphones, pen, keys, or wallet in places that are easy to locate. And if you are a person who change your bag as often as you change your underwear, you are definitely have to own this kind of bag, so you just have to move this little bag from handbag to handbag.

I know there are a lot of these bag organizer out there right now, but this one is one of the ones I like. It comes with a simple design and color combination.

Quoting from their blog this is how they describe IZZIBAG:

"Our Multifunction Bag to make life Easier.

IzzyBag is a multifunction bag that can make your life easier and more organized. Each IzzyBag is make with love and care, with many colors available. Purchase your IzzyBag now to organize your bag thus you wont be difficult to find your handphones, lipgloss, keys, or movie tickets!"

check out other exiting color combination on their blog and you can also order this IZZYBAG there: http://izzybag.blogspot.com/

hmmm... as I write this, I will definitely have to get one!

pic. courtesy of izzibag


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January 05, 2010

Live in Colors with Dreamesh Living

I don't know if you believe in 'The Law of Attraction' or not, but I certainly do. This is the second time that it work out in my life without any intention of doing so, the first one is how I got my blackberry bold ( loong story..). Well, I hope that it also works on those Totally Monogram LV that I wanted...:)

Anyway I was blogwalking and somehow landed on this cute blog called dreamesh, browsing trough I found out that the owner Amesh Budiristio is making these cute items from Batik and there is a link to her flicker showing her creations. I'm wanted to contact her to asked a couple of questions about her blog, but since there are no email address or shout box, I don't know how to reach her. So I just let it go for the day.. suddenly on late afternoon, when I checkout my blog there is a message from Amesh in my shoutbox, offering to have a giveaway on Made In Indonesia... wow, how cool is that, eventually she's the one who found me instead...

Anyway, after quite a bit emailing back and forth here is her story...

read more

January 02, 2010

One of a Kind Jewelries from twinkle + sparks

I just love.. love.. love jewelries.. the real ones especially (*wink).. I have an eye for those with a modern yet elegant design...so when someone pointed me to twinkle + sparks website, I fell in love instantly with almost everything they have on site. Today I just revisit twinkle + sparks website again and I just can't  put off another day to share it with you all.

So the master mind behind this twinkling goodies is Kartika Pratiwi, she began twinkle + sparks on late June 2009. But as a hobbies, creating jewelries started after she graduated from high school when she stumbled on a jewelry book and started making them right away. The hobby continued even when she was in college in Toronto, Canada. While she was there she had a chance to wok at a bead store, there she got  access to lot of knowledge of the materials and techniques on jewelry making.

read more

January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Dear friends...

Happy new year..

Let's welcome 2010 with a big optimism and a high spirit.

I know it's been a while since I last post anything on this blog... but believe me it is not because that I have run out of beautiful things to write about , but the lack of posting are solely my fault and backed up with lots of excuses...

But, as one should have a new year resolution mine would be that I will write more on my blog and also shed some (a lot) of weight.. :)

I would also like to thank those of you who's been following my blog... and also those of you who message me on my shoutbox and inbox... your feedback are very much appreciated... I am so sorry If I can not reply to your email one by one or that it took me a long time to reply your email... for that i sincerely offer you my deepest apology...

Well, lets celebrate the new year with a new hope....



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